Crimson Guitars’ ERB in Pictures – Part 1

In Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass, I introduced you to this unusual seven string instrument – part Chapman Stick and part conventional guitar. Now we’ll get to know the guitar better through a series of progress pictures.

The multi-laminate neck, seen here sitting on the plan drawing, will provide the strength necessary for this guitar/bass hybrid:

Multi Laminate Neck

A neck through design, the guitar is comprised of two cedar wings affixed to either side of the neck. Here we see these three pieces glued and clamped together:

Guitar Neck Body Wings

A bunch of clamps introduce the maple top to the cedar back:

Maple Top Glued On

A bit of work on the band saw and its really starting to take shape:

Maple Guitar Top Trimmed

A look at the rosewood fingerboard and the fretwork:

Rosewood Fingerboard Frets

The fretboard meets the rest of the guitar. Note the pencil line denoting where the forearm contouring will come in:

Extended Bass-Guitar With Fretboard

That’s it for now. In a future installment, we’ll continue to follow this unusual guitar to completion thanks to Crimson Guitars’ generosity in providing these great progress pictures.

UPDATE 12.17.2007 For more, see Part 2 and Part 3 as well as the initial coverage of the ERB.

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