Roger Placer Improv on his Klein Guitar

Have a listen to guitarist Roger Placer improvising over a loop of his song “Red River, Blue Sky” which first appears in its entirety on his 2003 album “Solo Archipelago”. Roger is playing one of his main instruments – a chambered spruce Klein electric guitar.

You’ve seen Roger featured before playing his other main guitar – the Forshage electric guitar – a state of the art custom guitar designed with ergonomics as a primary goal. For a great tour of its tonal variety, check out his Forshage guitar demo.

To learn more about Roger’s music, guitars and videos visit him at

2 Responses to “Roger Placer Improv on his Klein Guitar”

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  2. Very mellow…

    But, you know me, I’m a rocker at heart, went to see Rush in London t’other night for the umpteenth time, Lifeson’s soloing borders on the chaotic sometimes great stuff!

    Meanwhile, I’ve got an Ibanez SG copy to giftwrap for my son’s entry into teenagehood on Saturday…I know, it’s not exactly ergonomic, but at least with its double-horn cutaway stylee you can get all the way up the neck without breaking your thumb. Me, I’m stuck with a couple of acoustics and an ancient Les Paul (copy)