Electric Guitar

Electric guitars by professional and amateur guitar builders.

Fretless Baritone DIY Guitar

Super thin DIY fretless baritone guitar.

Koll Guitars Multi-Scale Archtop

Archtop guitar meets modern features in this unique multi-scale instrument by Koll Guitars.

Canton Klein Guitar Body Upgrade on eBay

A quick look at a Klein style guitar body by Rick Canton.

Torzal Electric Guitar

Little Guitar Works, primarily known for bass instruments, has also produced the Torzal 6 String Electric guitar. With it, Jerome Little brings the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) fighting benefits of his Torzal twist neck to the electric guitar player.

The Most Ergonomic Electric Guitar Ever?

Little Guitar Works luthier Jerome Little has been busy – busy bringing his remarkable Torzal Natural Twist Neck to the Klein electric guitar!

Lavish Guitar’s Kleincaster

What happens when you cross a Klein electric guitar and a Telecaster? That’s easy. You get the “Kleincaster” by Lavish Guitar! A recent entry into the Klein clone arena, this guitar matches a Klein style body with a Telecaster style neck and bridge. Leveraging the ergonomic advantages of the Klein guitar shape – good balance, […]

Alan Barley’s Forshage Ergonomic Headless Guitar

While staying true to his ergo guitar design, Chris Forshage still tailors each instrument to the customer. In this case, Alan Barley had his guitar built with several differences including a thicker 1.75″ chambered body and 14 frets of clear access. For tonal variety, Alan’s guitar includes Schaller Golden 50’s pups, a Duncan single coil, […]

Progress Pictures of the Shamray Guitar Neck

Having covered the Shamray guitar body, it’s now time to look at some of the steps in building the guitar neck. Here’s a good look at the wood that will make up the headstock, the fretboard and the 3 piece laminated neck: A laminate guitar neck is more dimensionally stable than a one piece neck. […]

Progress Pictures of the Shamray Guitar Body

Shamray Guitars was kind enough to share progress pictures of the Ovation Breadwinner style 12 string guitar we looked at in Shamray Guitars Reinterprets the Ovation Breadwinner. Let’s take a look at some of the steps in the building of the guitar body… The initial mockup: The sapele body blank: The plan drawing on the […]

Canton Custom Guitars – Three New Models

Rick Canton of Canton Custom Guitars just informed me of three new headless guitars he’s building. Rick has this to say about his goals: My intention with these ergonomic models is to create a beautiful guitar that is natural feeling while held, and to provide an effortless playing experience for the musician. I’ll let Rick […]