Electric Guitar

Electric guitars by professional and amateur guitar builders.

The Lace Cybercaster Electric Guitar – A Guitar With A Twist

The Cybercaster electric guitar contains a subtle but significant improvement to fretting hand ergonomics – a 10.8 degree neck twist at its lowest fret which straightens out as you go up the neck. Similar in concept to the Xavier Padilla ergonomic bass guitar from Little Guitar Works, this twist reduces the amount of wrist flexion […]

The Ovation Breadwinner Electric Guitar – An Unsung Ergonomic Design

The Ovation Breadwinner electric guitar is a fine example of an ergonomic design incorporating both good balance and excellent picking arm support. Interestingly, it has not gotten the attention given to the Klein electric guitar. Only in production from 1972 through 1979, the design predated the Klein electric guitar by about a decade. Even a […]

Adrian Legg’s Custom Guitar

The guitar virtuoso Adrian Legg plays a great example of a custom guitar made with ergonomics in mind. Built by Bill Puplett, a guitar builder out of England, the guitar bares a striking resemblance to the Klein Electric guitar. Among the key ergonomic features are the sweeping upper bout which provides plenty of picking hand […]