Inspiring and noteworthy examples of guitar and bass performances.

Roger Placer Performs From Gray to Black

Enjoy this YouTube video of guitar player, songwriter and recording artist Roger Placer performing his instrumental “From Gray to Black” on a Klein Electric Guitar: You’ll also enjoy seeing Roger’s Forshage Hollowbody Guitar demo which illustrates the range and versatility of this radical electric guitar. For more about Roger Placer and his melding of multiple […]

Klein Electric Guitar Player Mick Goodrick

Here’s guitarist Mick Goodrick in a 2005 Montreal Jazz Festival YouTube video playing his Klein Electric guitar. The piece is called “Meditation”: Aside from his work as a musician, Mick is also an educator with several books to his name. Among them are the following: The Advancing Guitarist Almanac of Guitar Voice Leading Vol 1 […]

David Torn’s Trans-Trem Klein Electric Guitar

Regarded as “Best Experimental Guitarist” in the 1994 Guitar Player Magazine Reader’s Poll, David Torn is many things including producer, composer and recording artist. Here we see him in the role of guitarist demonstrating one of the most interesting innovations in the history of the guitar – The Steinberger Trans-Trem by inventor Ned Steinberger. In […]

Roger Placer Demos the Forshage Electric Guitar

Here’s a great demonstration of the Forshage Headless Hollowbody Electric Guitar by solo artist Roger Placer. Roger comments on the basic features of his built-to-order Forshage, contrasts its design with the Klein Electric Guitar and then demonstrates the guitar’s range of tones. Beautiful woods, unique design and versatile electronics come together to produce a truly […]

Tim Miller – Jazz Guitarist and Klein Electric Guitar Player

Another in the Performances series – Here’s the Mason Brothers Band Live in NYC with guest David Binney on Alto. The band features Brad Mason on Trumpet, Elliot Mason on Trombone and Bass Trumpet, Tim Miller on Guitar, Janek Gwizdala on Bass and Jordan Perlson on Drums: Looking back at previous guitar players in the […]

Jazz Guitarist Joe Giglio Jams on His Forshage Electric Guitar

Once again, let’s check out jazz guitarist Joe Giglio’s tasty guitar work and improvisation on his Forshage Electric Guitar. Here, from a September 2006 live performance in New York City, are guitarist Joe Giglio, bassist David Shaich and Drummer Tyrone Govan performing “Can’t Get Startled”: For more of Joe’s guitar work, take a look at […]

Padilla Solos On His Torzal Bass Guitar

Check out renown bassist Xavier Padilla as he solos on his custom Little Guitar Works bass in this live 2005 London performance with the Gipsy Kings: Padilla was suffering from wrist problems when he approached Jerome Little of Little Guitar Works for this amazing custom instrument. Specifically, Padilla was suffering from deQuervain’s Tenosynovitis, a form […]

Joe Giglio Playing His Forshage Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Will all the interest over the design of the Forshage Hollow Body Electric Guitar, here’s an opportunity to see and hear one played! Jazz guitarist Joe Giglio owns several custom guitars built by Chris Forshage and the Forshage Hollow body guitar is one of his main instruments. And now, without further delay, here is a […]

More Adrian Legg Playing His Custom Ergonomic Guitar

Here is another YouTube video of fingerstyle guitarist Adrian Legg playing his custom ergonomic guitar – this one from his instructional video How To Become a More Creative Guitarist-An Insider’s Tips for Fingerstyle Players. For more of Adrian Legg check out these DVD’s: Adrian Legg: Fingerpicking And Open Tunings A Fingerstyle Summit with Adrian Legg, […]

Adrian Legg Plays His Custom Ergonomic Guitar

Here is the amazing guitarist Adrian Legg playing his ergonomic guitar design which incorporates both piezo and magnetic pickups. For more on the specifics of the design see my previous post, Adrian Legg’s Ergonomic Guitar.