Padilla Solos On His Torzal Bass Guitar

Check out renown bassist Xavier Padilla as he solos on his custom Little Guitar Works bass in this live 2005 London performance with the Gipsy Kings:

Padilla was suffering from wrist problems when he approached Jerome Little of Little Guitar Works for this amazing custom instrument. Specifically, Padilla was suffering from deQuervain’s Tenosynovitis, a form of tendinitis. Take particular note of the radical Torzal twist neck which reduces strain on the fretting hand by allowing the guitarist to play with a straighter wrist when on the lower frets.

For more on this bass guitar see the article Xavier Padilla’s Torzal Custom Electric Bass Guitar.

3 Responses to “Padilla Solos On His Torzal Bass Guitar”

  1. Nice video, cool bass! But has Little tried the twist on a guitar yet??


  2. Word on the street is that it’s coming! I’ll have more details on this as it develops. Stay tuned. 🙂

  3. I can imagine it will be a guitar that it is not possible to BEND andy large blues bends on at the lower frets. On bass there’s not much bending going on anywhere anyway.

    Speaking of bending, isn’t it that, that always makes all kinds of RSI, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis ? Thinking of it, it is a very unnatural form of movement that the fretting hand does, when bending. You try to push and pull something heavy and use different muscles than you use when just fretting straight on.