Inspiring and noteworthy examples of guitar and bass performances.

Monster Meets the Orchid Bass

Luthier Rick Toone and Monster take us on a demo of the Orchid Bass guitar.

Lou Reed Performs

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Lou Reed performs “Heroin” on a Klein electric guitar. The clip is from a documentary on the highly influential Velvet Underground (1965-1973).

Roger Placer – Harboring Days

Roger Placer plays Harboring Days on his Forshage ergonomic electric guitar – a song with lyrics by Henrik Takkenberg.

The Torzal Neck Klein Guitar in Action!

Austin, Texas guitarist Justin Telepak demos the unique combination of Little Guitar Works’ Torzal Twist neck with a genuine Klein Electric Guitar.

05Ric Playing His Extended Range Guitar

Musician 05Ric planned this extended range guitar over the course of two years – an instrument first looked at in Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass. Now let’s take a look and have a listen to 05Ric on his Crimson Guitars ERB: Thanks to reader Ray DeGennaro for pointing out this Youtube video.

Roger Placer Improv on his Klein Guitar

Have a listen to guitarist Roger Placer improvising over a loop of his song “Red River, Blue Sky” which first appears in its entirety on his 2003 album “Solo Archipelago”. Roger is playing one of his main instruments – a chambered spruce Klein electric guitar. You’ve seen Roger featured before playing his other main guitar […]

George Harlan Demos the Delta Wing Guitar

TYRANT21’s George Harlan demonstrates the unusual Delta Wing Guitar from Gary Kramer. Note how the Delta Wing’s leg rest and form contribute to improved balance when compared to the typical electric guitar. Also observe George’s neutral sitting position while playing. He can play the Delta Wing without having to bend over the guitar or raise […]

Frisell & Baron Perform Wildwood Flower

Bill Frisell on guitar and Joey Baron on drums perform Wildwood Flower – from a Nov. 12, 1997 appearance at Teatro Masciari in Catanzaro, Italy. Bill is seen playing a Klein electric guitar for the piece. Enjoy.

And now… Bill Frisell

Here’s jazz guitar player and composer Bill Frisell performing on his Klein guitar in this YouTube video of a July 3, 1993 Warsaw, Poland live performance. Joining Bill are Kermit Driscoll on bass and Joey Baron on drums. The composition is Amarillo Barbados: Bill Frisell’s playing on the Nashville album inspired reader PJ Doland to […]

Tim Miller and the Janek Gwizdala Project

Klein electric guitar player Tim Miller performs here as part of the Janek Gwizdala Project – from a May 2006 live performance in Caracas. Thanks to reader Marc Why of the Marc Why Group for pointing out this YouTube video.