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Crimson Guitars' ERB in Pictures - Part 1

Crimson Guitars’ ERB in Pictures – Part 1

In Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass, I introduced you to this unusual seven string instrument – part Chapman Stick and part conventional guitar. Now we’ll get to know the guitar better through a series of progress pictures. The multi-laminate neck, seen here sitting on the plan drawing, will provide the strength necessary for this […]

Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass

It’s taken two years of design but Ben from Crimson Guitars and extended range bassist 05Ric have collaborated to produce the extraordinary bass guitar you see here. Its beautifully minimalist appearance aside, the instrument contains several interesting features and design choices. Ergonomics – Shape, Weight and Balance The main motivations for the Klein inspired design […]

Toone Guitars’ Orchid Bass

Luthier Rick Toone recently made public his Orchid bass guitar – an exciting new project I’ll be watching closely. The customer is a woman bassist who, not surprisingly, finds the typical bass uncomfortable and unwieldy. As Rick states “Halie’s…what…5’4″ 120lbs, or so? A full-sized bass to her is like wrestling with a surfboard.” However, this […]

Bass Guitar Magazine Reviews the Torzal Twist Bass Guitar

This excellent review by Bass Guitar Magazine’s Ed Friedland covers the craftsmanship, musical aspects and radical design of the Little Guitar Works Torzal Twist Bass. Bass guitar players with wrist problems should take particular note. The most notable aspect of Jerome Little’s bass guitar is the 35 degree twist in the neck. This design feature […]

Padilla Solos On His Torzal Bass Guitar

Check out renown bassist Xavier Padilla as he solos on his custom Little Guitar Works bass in this live 2005 London performance with the Gipsy Kings: Padilla was suffering from wrist problems when he approached Jerome Little of Little Guitar Works for this amazing custom instrument. Specifically, Padilla was suffering from deQuervain’s Tenosynovitis, a form […]

Xavier Padilla's Torzal Custom Electric Bass

Xavier Padilla’s Torzal Custom Electric Bass

The Xavier Padilla Custom electric bass guitar, built by Jerome Little of Little Guitar Works, is an amazing example of ergonomic guitar design from its unusual body design to its Torzal Twisted Neck. Six to eight months of discussions with Xavier Padilla resulted in very detailed design requirements. In fact, Jerome Little indicated that he […]