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Acoustic guitars by professional and amateur guitar builders.

Forshage Acoustic Guitar - Observations

Forshage Acoustic Guitar – Observations

Roger Placer returns with his observations of Captiva – his beautiful Forshage ergonomic acoustic guitar.

Henry Olsen's MaSh Acoustic Guitar

Henry Olsen’s MaSh Acoustic Guitar

Innovation in acoustic guitar design.

Charles Fox and The Ergo Acoustic Guitar

Luthier Charles Fox builds gorgeous acoustic guitars with top notch materials and craftsmanship. That much anyone can gather from perusing his main site – Charles Fox Guitars. But did you know he has a separate site dedicated to his ergonomic acoustic guitar line? Over at Ergo Fine Guitars, you can indulge not only in the […]

Leo Burrell’s Acoustic Guitars – A Follow Up

Previously covered in Burrell Guitars – Instruments That Conform to the Guitarist , Leo Burrell takes a radical approach to guitar design particularly where it comes to acoustic guitars. Leo’s instruments twist and conform to fit the way the guitarist rather than force the guitarist to conform to the instrument – a fine example of […]

Burrell Guitars – Instruments That Conform to the Guitarist

I wanted to play guitar when I was a teenager but had difficulty with bending my fingers & wrist at the same time. I reached my friend Don Frisbe’s guitar back to him and said I would learn to play guitar when it would conform to my shape rather than my having to wrap around […]

The Bardophone Acoustic Electric Guitar – A Radical Approach

An acoustic electric guitar design by Jerome Barde, the Bardophone is one of the most outstanding examples of guitar design for ergonomics. Where many other guitar builders have taken only small evolutionary steps, Jerome starts with a clean slate “reconsidering the whole concept of the guitar body (proportion, volumes, shapes, balance, angle) and by looking […]

Linda Manzer’s “Wedge” Acoustic Guitar

While Building The Ergonomic Guitar has focused primarily on electric guitars, many of us enjoy playing the acoustic guitar where ergonomics is no less of a concern. Fortunately, several acoustic guitar makers address ergonomics in their designs as well. Noted luthier Linda Manzer of Manzer Guitars, the originator of The Wedge©â„¢ tapered guitar body, is […]