Making The Klein Electric Guitar Template

As noted in Time for a New Guitar Template, there were some concerns with my first attempt at an electric guitar template. It was a good first attempt but time combined with an improved understanding of woodworking (I’m new to this), has given me a more critical eye. I’m glad I made this second attempt. […]

Upcoming Changes to Building The Ergonomic Guitar

Following’s misuse of my blog content (see my post is lifting my Content without Permission!), its misrepresentation of my content’s source as a fictitious participant on their forum and their misdirection of traffic away from my blog, I felt I had to make several changes to the site in order to better protect […]

Time for a New Guitar Template

Now that I have appropriate tools on hand (such as my new Dewalt Router) and spent some time learning more about woodworking, I’ve started looking over my Klein guitar template with a more critical eye. I’ve found a couple of problem areas. One is in the upper bout area where I sanded the curve of […] is Using My Content without Permission!

Building the Ergonomic Guitar Blog was started as a way to document my ergonomic guitar build and as a way for me to collect information on ergonomics. It’s nothing fancy but its mine and I’ve spent some effort on it over the months. For a few months now, I’ve gotten used to seeing my little […]

Dewalt Router Kit Received!

Today I took delivery of the DEWALT DW618B3 2-1/4 HP 3-Base Router Kit! It will play a very large part in the process of making a guitar. I’m very excited. It’s a highly rated router with three bases – fixed, plunge and d-handle. I’ve also ordered the MLCS Woodworking 30 Pc. Carbide-tipped Router Bit Set. […]

Slight return…

Finally, I’m well enough to look toward resuming my electric guitar build project. As I noted in my post Dealing With Repetitive Strain Injury…, I had been suffering from RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury. Unfortunately, the situation got worse before it got better. Fortunately, it did get better from a combination of rest, reduced activity, […]

Make Your Guitar More Ergonomic

Ergonomic design seeks to reduce strain and repetition and create a tool that works in accordance with the human body. And, while a new design may be ideal, a cumulative approach can make a guitar more ergonomic. When looking at a guitar from the perspective of ergonomics, there are several key factors to consider – […]

Dealing with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)…

Ergonomics, as defined by

Hats off to Mammoth Guitars

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Mammoth Guitars for their great service. Mammoth Guitars was the source for the alder body blank as well as several other bits and pieces. I initially contacted Mammoth Guitars when I saw they could provide me with a custom thickness. As keeping weight down was important, this […]

A Gallery of Ergonomic Guitar Designs

In order to draw upon more ideas, I began to look for ergonomic guitars and found a number of interesting examples. These range from slight departures from the norm to completely different approaches. Here is the Andreas Shark – a good example of a relatively conventional looking guitar that incorporates ergonomic elements. The most obvious […]