Forshage Thinline Tele Guitar

Fast forward a few months and the ash body Forshage first seen in
Thinline Tele Meets Forshage Electric Guitar is complete. So let’s have a look.

Forshage Ash Guitar

If you recall, it combines a figured ash top with swamp ash back and sides and weighs under 5 lbs. Click the picture to get a closer look.

Forshage Tele Closeup

Now for the back where you can see the attention to making the neck heel unobtrusive. Go ahead – click it.

Forshage Ash Guitar Back

A notable difference over other versions is the use of the stock ABM bridge rather than a Tune-o-matic. As Chris indicated in comments in the previous article, “it has a little more metal and sits flat on the body more like a Fender bridge”.

12 Responses to “Forshage Thinline Tele Guitar”

  1. Wow, very cool! Sound clips! Sound clips!
    That fretboard looks really nice (as does everything else!).
    Excellent job as always, Chris!


  2. especially, i love part of join between neck and body.

  3. Phenomenal. I like traditional electrics–in particular the tele. I love headless guitars of any kind, with an ergonomic design being even better. I like clear finish on blonde woods.

    Is this one of the best guitars ever or what? 🙂

  4. Very NICE indeed, but why the long “headstock”??? To accommodate the DB strings??? Just curious…

    1. Hi GPW,
      I have one of these babies, and the longer headstock (as opposed to the Klein zero-fret) is that when you’re playing down in the first position area, it feels more like a regular guitar (your hand bumps up against the headstock). I used to have a Klein, and I could never get used to the zero-fret thing… (I know, some love it, I didn’t!)

      There may be another physics explanation from Chris, but I know the comfort aspect is one of the main points.

  5. OMG, Chris ‘s done it again. What a beauty!
    Specs Chris?
    How does it sound?
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks! The extended headstock also allows for variations in nut width and traditional nut materials. I just like the way bone sounds. The telergo sounds great. The maple board is neat, complex but warm. The B-6 in the neck is jazzy and the Fralin in the bridge has all the twang and overtones that a good tele should have. All that and it weighs nothing!

  7. Looks Great!

    And under 5 pounds WOW!

  8. Makes good sense to me !!!… The only objection to my headless guitars was no headstock …???hahaha Never bothered me , but some just prefer something up there..
    That Tele is really Beautiful,and looks oh so Comfortable !!! Wonder why more guitars aren’t made like this …???

  9. That is great, I love it. Somehow it looks so much like a tele, yet is nothing like a tele. Nice work!

  10. Hmmm,
    looks delicious 🙂

  11. It is so beautifully done. I love the back. It looks so natural.