MCWAV Electric Guitar

Reader MCWAV shares not only his first guitar body build but an original shape of his own design – a bold decision for a first time builder. So let’s have a look at his project.

Poplar Guitar Body Meets Tele Neck

MCWAV opted for a straightforward configuration influenced by the Tele Esquire. Included are a single bridge pickup, a vintage style 3 saddle bridge and a 21 fret Fender Genuine Replacement Tele neck.

Electric Guitar Front

Here’s a look at the back of the guitar:

Electric Guitar Back

The guitar body is made from a 2 piece poplar blank. While we haven’t seen a lot of poplar use in previously featured projects, it’s far from uncommon and sees use in both guitars and basses. It grows throughout the eastern United States and is easy to work with – the latter a consideration when first venturing into making instruments.

Like most guitars or basses designed with ergonomics in mind, the seated playing position was a key element in arriving at an appropriate shape.

Here is the guitar positioned over the right leg and akin to the casual playing position:

guitar position on right leg

Here is the guitar sitting on the left leg:

guitar position on left leg

In either case, the guitar sits well and allows the guitarist to sit in a relaxed position without the contortions many guitars require to achieve an appropriate playing position. Nicely done.

Continuing the theme, the instrument’s wiring was also influenced by the Tele Esquire and includes a tele style switch plate, knobs and switch.

So what does MCWAV think of it so far? He noted that he’s been playing it daily and really enjoying the comfort it provides. And while some of his friends may think it looks odd, we know better. After all, beauty is as beauty does.

9 Responses to “MCWAV Electric Guitar”

  1. That’s really very NICE with a most pleasing guitar shape, to the ergonomic eye… I think the strap button would be better on the tip of the horn as per usual, you’ll notice in either position , that location lines up perfectly with the players shoulder… very ergo…
    Sorry to be so picky , but even on an ergo guitar we use a strap to make everything more “steady”…

    1. Glen, Thanks so much for your comments! As you noted, the strap button can be placed at one or the other locations no problem. It was someting I decided to do when I added the hardware. Just went with it, I may drill a hole before adding finish?

      1. Such a simple shape and the instrument is built out in an elegant simplicity. I bet it sounds really good.

  2. Well done!

    1. Thank You!

  3. Very cool!
    What’s the pickup switch for? Is there a piezo in the bridge or something?
    Sound clips!


    1. Thanks Marc! Marc Why Group? Dude you can play!
      I first wired the switch like an esquire. 1 postion had the PU going straight to the jack the 2nd position PU with tone knob added and 3rd position was vol and tone add uf cap. Did not really work for me. So I just wired it to the vol and tone and the switch acts as a kill switch in one of the postions, kind of cool, you can turn the guitar off. No piezo.
      I don’t have any sound clips yet. It sounds like a tele, IMO.
      It sounds surprising like my tele swamp ash body with this same neck. Got me thinking the neck may just be the biggest factor in a solid body guitars over all tone/sound…..?

  4. Just an idea, a stacked hum pup and some creative switching would give a variety of tones…

  5. Very pleasing to the eye! Looks like it could be slightly neck heavy sitting on the leg though; how is it in that regard? Does it have a standard Tele headstock?