Canton Equinox at the 2008 NYC Fretless Festival

From the 2008 New York City Fretless Festival, here is oud, sarod and guitar player Mustafa Stefan Dill performing “For Tagore” – a performance inspired and dedicated to the spirit of Rabindranath Tagore.

To learn more about the instrument, see the article Canton Fretless Electric Guitar and see some of its unique features.

4 Responses to “Canton Equinox at the 2008 NYC Fretless Festival”

  1. I’m sure Mustafa is quite good, but this clip didn’t quite work any magic on me (sorry, Mustafa!). Not too familiar with the genre or style of play, so my opinion means little. The guitar, on the other hand–awesome! Looked rather comfortable to play.

  2. I always wondered what a fretless electric guitar would sound like. Now I know. Not for me. Love the guitar’s overall design, though that rear horn is little long for my taste.

  3. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly helps to illustrate the wide range of capabilities among ergonomic instruments.

  4. you may want to try this version of the piece, done at rick’s place in Santa Fe:

    or for something considerably more abstract, even, the other piece from NY: