Thinline Tele Meets Forshage Electric Guitar

Here’s another interesting variation on the Forshage ergonomic guitar we first visited in The Forshage Hollow Body Electric Guitar – a thinline tele style influenced design.

Thinline Tele Style Electric Guitar

This one is made with a flamed ash top and swamp ash back and sides. Add the original’s ergo features to an instrument that weighs under 5 bs and you have a real winner whether you play seated or standing.

Thinline Tele Style Electric Guitar Back

UPDATE: See the completed guitar – Forshage Thinline Tele Guitar

12 Responses to “Thinline Tele Meets Forshage Electric Guitar”

  1. Ooh, very cool. I can’t wait to see the finished product! What kind of wood is the fretboard?


  2. Is it a neck through design?

    1. Mickey,
      No, it’s a set neck design (I have one, too). It’s very sturdy, in part due to how and where he attaches the neck with the body. Also, the extra cut-out in the back allows free access into the upper register — very nice feature! Check out some of the archived postings on Forshage, and you’ll see how they’re made.


    2. Mickey – As Marc points out, it’s a set neck design. Check out Making the Forshage Hollow Body Guitar – Building the Guitar Body and Making the Forshage Hollow Body Guitar – Building the Neck for more on the basic design of Chris’ Ergo model.

      BTW – that’s Marc’s gorgeous guitar in the build pics.

  3. This is groovy. But I wonder if it will have more Tele LOOK than actual tone. I say this because the bridgeplate is such a key part of the Tele sound. I am digging the flamed maple fretboard and the overall vibe is beautiful though.

    Robert, you need to add remote control to the spycam that you obviously have in the Forshage shop. I’d like to look around a bit.. 😉

    1. Spycam? What spycam? 🙂

      And I agree – the bridge plate is definitely a key to the sound but this should still provide an interesting tonal variation. And under 5 lbs…wow!

  4. What a Natural BEAUTY!!!! Super Job!!!

  5. I can’t wait to hear this one! Next couple days or so. I know what you mean by the bridge plate. We were going to use one of the bigsby tele bridge plates that allparts sells but when set on the top it just looked wrong. I think with all the swamp ash, flamed ash(yes that’s flamed ash on the top) and the maple neck and fingerboard, not to mention a good pickup(fralin) the tele-ness will shine through. I am thinking of using the stock ABM bridge instead of my usual tunomatic because it has a little more metal and sits flat on the body more like a fender bridge. I think spycams are legal as long as there’s no sound.

    1. Chris,

      One of the guys who was profiled on here (Jon Bondy – makes Steinberger replacement fixed bridges) was emailing with me for a bit about making a custom item for me to accomodate a Tele bridge pickup. It would have been like his standard job but with the bridge plate extension – a nice hunk o’ metal. I shelved that idea for a while, but it’s obviously do-able. Jon’s price was more than fair.

      Guitar looks wicked though! Wish we could hear all of ’em.

      Peace –

    2. Hi Chris!
      Always the gear geek, I have to ask which pickups are you using? I know you favor the Benedetto “7-string” humbucker . . .


  6. Absolutely beautiful, Chris you are the man!

  7. Beautiful Chris!