April 2007 Most Popular Posts

With Building the Ergonomic Guitar running smoothly at my new web host Bluehost, it’s a good time to kick off a new series where I’ll round up and share the five most popular articles of each month. I thought it would be interesting to see what folks are reading so without further ado, here are the results for April 2007:

1. The Forshage HollowBody Electric Guitar – This was hands down the most popular article of the month despite it posting in the middle of the month! In particular, it caught the attention of the cool jazz cats over at rec.music.makers.guitar.jazz who popped in to see this wonderful guitar design by guitar maker Chris Forshage. The follow up articles, Making the Forshage Hollow Body Guitar – Building the Neck and Making the Forshage Hollow Body Guitar – Building the Guitar Body, were also well received.

2. Guitar Building Resources for Headless Guitar Designs – This article remains one of the most visited month over month. Information on headless guitars is somewhat limited and the article has attracted interest from fellow guitar builders interested in exploring the benefits of headless guitars.

3. Guitar Build #1 – Not surprising for a blog called Building the Ergonomic Guitar, my first guitar project has remained a popular subject. Readers interested in ergonomic guitar design, the Klein Electric Guitar and making a guitar have sought it out. BTW – Guitar Project #2 is under consideration. Maybe a reader poll would be in order?

4. Building the Ergonomic Guitar Template – Related to my first guitar project, folks looking how to make a guitar template have hit the article looking for ideas on approach. The question of how to make a guitar template comes up frequently in guitar building forums and I remember struggling with this as well. In the near future, I will post additional articles in support of making guitar templates.

5. Alternative Headless Guitar Design – TK Instruments – Part of the headless instrument design series, I cover guitar maker Todd Keehn’s re-purposing of conventional guitar parts like Steinberger tuners to build a headless electric guitar. Todd’s approach is particularly valuable in light of the cost and difficulty guitar builders face in obtaining headless guitar parts.

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