Guitar Build

Rob Irizarry’s first guitar build – a Klein style electric guitar and the project that inspired him to establish Building the Ergonomic Guitar.

Time for a New Guitar Template

Now that I have appropriate tools on hand (such as my new Dewalt Router) and spent some time learning more about woodworking, I’ve started looking over my Klein guitar template with a more critical eye. I’ve found a couple of problem areas. One is in the upper bout area where I sanded the curve of […]

Dewalt Router Kit Received!

Today I took delivery of the DEWALT DW618B3 2-1/4 HP 3-Base Router Kit! It will play a very large part in the process of making a guitar. I’m very excited. It’s a highly rated router with three bases – fixed, plunge and d-handle. I’ve also ordered the MLCS Woodworking 30 Pc. Carbide-tipped Router Bit Set. […]

Hats off to Mammoth Guitars

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Mammoth Guitars for their great service. Mammoth Guitars was the source for the alder body blank as well as several other bits and pieces. I initially contacted Mammoth Guitars when I saw they could provide me with a custom thickness. As keeping weight down was important, this […]

Should I use a pickguard?

Should I use a pickguard?

Due to my lack of woodworking experience and my desire to build an electric guitar sooner rather than later, some of my decisions will be dictated by ease of construction. I was fortunate with the MDF guitar template. It was my first attempt at using hand tools for shaping and it came out quite well […]

On Order – Body Blank and Guitar Parts

Saturday, I received this picture of the alder body blank Mammoth Guitars is supplying (looks great): I also ordered several guitar parts from them as well. They are an ALLPARTS dealer and Douglas Jordan has been great to work with. Among the bits and pieces ordered are the following: Chrome neck ferrules Schaller nickel strap […]

Project Guitar #1 – Ergonomic Guitar

Here is the Project Guitar topic thread from earlier today announcing my guitar project idea: In terms of designs, I have an interest in both ergonomic guitars and headless guitars. I’ve done a lot of research and the Klein Electric is one of the more ergonomic designs out there. Here is an example of Colin […]

Blog Day 1 - An Explanation and a Dedication

Blog Day 1 – An Explanation and a Dedication

I’ve started this guitar blog in order to document my research into ergonomic considerations for the guitar as well as to document my attempt at building such a guitar (or guitars). For my first project, I intend to build a Klein-like electric guitar. For those unfamiliar with this design, the Klein (seen to the left) […]