Tim Miller Plays the Canton Electric Guitar

Guitar maker Rick Canton and jazz guitarist Tim Miller have been planning a custom electric guitar for several months. Recently, the two met in Boston to firm up the design. Rick brought along his Ergo 2 guitar, now known as the “Equinox”, so that Tim could try it for a tune or two in his three set gig.


Tim opened the first set with his green basswood Klein and did a jaw dropping version of “Fall” by Wayne Shorter. In between sets he said, “I’m going to tune up the Equinox and test it out.” Tim ended up playing the Equinox for the next 2 sets. He really liked the tone and the feel of the neck profile, which was the final design tweak to his custom.

Here’s Tim Miller on the Equinox Electric Guitar:

In addition, Rick has several other projects in the works. Over the next few months, we can expect an ergo bass prototype, a new mini model and an ergo guitar for our friend Al Shaffer. BTEG looks forward to sharing all of these with you.

For more on the Canton Equinox, see Canton Custom Guitars Ergo 2 Complete. For more on Tim, see Tim Miller – Jazz Guitarist and Klein Electric Guitar Player.

10 Responses to “Tim Miller Plays the Canton Electric Guitar”

  1. Rick, what a coup! Good for you. I’ve never heard Tim play so slowly and expressively as on this video. I wonder if you have any feedback on why two very different Kleins were not quite enough for Tim, and what he sought to obtain from you that would give him additional tones. Any details on the guitar’s spec would be cool to know.


    1. Rick,
      I want to echo Roger’s Congrats on the guitar order from Tim, and it certainly was nice to hear him build a solo like that. I’m also curious as to why he’s looking at Klein alternatives (from one former Klein player to another!).

      Great stuff!


      1. Roger, Mark,
        Thank you to both of you, I really appreciate the kind words. As far as model specs go, this will be chambered with a multi scale fretboard utilizing non traditional scale lengths…I think I`ll leave it at that, and will send Robert pictures of in progress phases when I start the build,most likely within August.
        Thank you again,

  2. Nice to see and hear the Equinox played by such a great guitarist! It is too bad about the video quality (to see the guitar better!), but I know there’s nothing that can be done about that. I certainly look forward to hearing more about the guitar that will be built for Tim. I also want to thank Rick for turning me on to Tim, I had not heard of him before Rick had mentioned the discussions of a new model for him. I love his playing!

    Congratulations Rick!


    1. Thank you Al, There might be more video soon that I believe will have better visual quality, I`ll post some clips if so.
      Currently working on the binding for your fretboard and should be shaping the neck over the next 2 weeks.
      Thank you again Al,

  3. Score Rick! I am soo jealous, Tim is one of my favorite players in the world. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Chris, I`m humbled. I`m looking forward to seeing your acoustic, I have one down on paper that one see a start time until February,I really love you work Chris.
      Thanks again,

  4. very cool to see it played live, and i still feel lucky that i got to play it last month as well!

  5. I would like to thank Rick for making me aware of Tim Miller. A great guitarist. I`ve been into Allan Holdsworth and Fusion for 25+ years and Tim is a great addition to my collection. If any one out there knows of any similar style guitar player i would be grateful if you could list them as i`m always looking for new fusion/jazz guiarist of this type of playing. Cheers G.

    1. Check out Dan Phillips. You can find his videos on YouTube and but his CDs on CDBaby. Google his name to find his website.