Spalted Maple Canton Klein

Guitar Builder Rick Canton combines exotic spalted maple, purpleheart and Macassar ebony woods to interesting effect in this chambered Klein variation for Jesse Thompson – a guitarist in a Navy band.

First up, the requisite front view reveals the hand bent spalted maple top and the use of a Steinberger Trans Trem Type 2 tremolo bridge. Note the purpleheart pickup rings and the Macassar Ebony bobbins:

Canton Klein Electric Guitar

Here we see the Honduran mahogany body with its purpleheart stripe and a good view of Rick’s extensive contouring of the heel area. The sculpting improves access to the Steinberger 5 bolt neck:

Canton Klein Guitar Back

Another great shot revealing more of Rick’s sculpting of the body:

Canton Klein Guitar Heel

A great view showing the belly contour:

Canton Klein Guitar Topside

Here’s the electronics round up:

  • 2 Reed James Custom wound A2 low output passive pickups
  • CTS 500k Volume pot
  • CTS 250k Tone pot
  • Mini 3-way switch
  • Flush mounted modern Tele style output jack

Rick is only building a limited run of these Klein variations and then returning his focus to his original designs. For examples of Rick’s work, take a look at these previously featured instruments:

4 Responses to “Spalted Maple Canton Klein”

  1. That one’s most beautiful. And now we see the great belly contour as well. Great pix of a great looking axe! I am jealous about the trans trem. It seems to be a Steinberger original neck graphite, the Moses ones doesn’t suit TT that good.

    Hmmmm, the dollar rate isn’t that favorable to us anymore, and I don’t want to sell mt original Klein…I wonder if the Casino are open tonight? 😉


  2. What a unique body style…I love it…it looks nice and light.

    Spalted maple is one of my favorite woods, but I guess I’m a little biased.

    Thanks for the great post and pictures!


  3. A work of art. The kind of instrument that you cry on after it gets its first scratch.

  4. Neat craftsmanship. Would have installed 1 Meg pots myself.