Jody Fisher Plays the Klein Electric Guitar

The Klein Electric Guitar is somewhat rare as guitars go and it is often difficult to find information about them or its players. Since I have based my ergonomic guitar build project on a Klein Electric guitar plan obtained from the Guild of American Luthiers, I keep an eye out for information about them. Particularly difficult is finding examples of guitarists playing them. Fortunately, here is jazz guitarist Jody Fisher performing on a Klein in this YouTube video.


Jody is also a respected instructor with quite a few guitar instructional books to his name. Here are just a few of them:

5 Responses to “Jody Fisher Plays the Klein Electric Guitar”

  1. Great video! Jody’s a monster, and he has quite a collection of excellent books/CDs, etc. on his web site. I think he’s been using the Klein for years.

    1. Hey Marc! Thanks for stopping in. It was great coming across the video and finding a wonderful guitarist playing a Klein.

  2. how do u tune that

    1. It’s a headless guitar so its tuners are located down by the bridge. In this particular case, it uses a Steinberger bridge.

      Look around the site – tons of examples of other uses of this bridge as well as other headless designs and approaches.

  3. Excellent player. How come this man is not famous yet?